Night-time research photographs in Renault Alpine cars rainforest.



Making of the street art fresco at the factory.


Hervé Isle de Beauchaine

Pics for catalog, website, et and press releases.


Photographs taken in 3 of the Nescens clinics in Paris, Genolier (Switzerland) and Lugano (Switzerland) for their website.


Eska Crew

Pictures of the vinyl record (both sides cover + disc center).

DARBORD - Portrait Hilyle


Pics for CD cover and press photos.

Renault F1 team

Feu Vert – auto centers

All the photos of the main sections of the publi-informative newspaper dedicated to young drivers.

Pierre Bénite station d'épuration

Grand Lyon

Brochure’s photos of Pierre Bénite’s wastewater treatment station. Image bank constitution of the place for various uses. On-site Exhibition during political inauguration.

Only Lyon

Pictures for prints in A4 format existing in French and in English. Subject : the international attractiveness of Grand Lyon.

moto Extend Motorsports

Extend Motorsports

Pictures of prototypes of minimotorcycles for prints, various press and congress uses.

DARBORD - Communication - Grand Lyon - Fleuve

Grand Lyon

54 pages book intended for decision-makers and opinion leaders, about all the various facets and uses of the Rhône river in Lyon and around.


Only Lyon

Photos for an A3 print existing in French and in English. Subject: international attractiveness of Grand Lyon.

DARBORD - Communication - Only-Lyon - Lyon City to Invest in

Only Lyon

Photos for a Lyon metropolis book intended for the real estate congress in Cannes in a purpose of international attractiveness for investors. This publishing of 67 pages exists in French and in English.

DARBORD - Communication - camion Iveco


Photographs of différent véhicles.

DARBORD - vue de Paris


Photographs of the neighbourhoods of a building of top-of-the-range offices in Paris for the A4 print intended for the investors.


City Saône

Photographs of top-of-the-range building offices and its neighbourhoods for the A4 print intended for investors.

Only Lyon

All pictures of a promotional film about the international attractiveness of Grand Lyon completely realized with photos. It was diffused during year 2008 on Euronews channel, opening of congress, and on Grand Lyon several supports.

Caluire Vernay - statue Andre Lassagne


Photos intended for new year wishes of the Deputy and Mayor.

German High Tech Champions Awards


« German High Tech Champions Awards » event report. Organized by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (German institute specialising in applied science research).

Danone Nations Cup - Zinedine Zidane

Danone Nations Cup

Report on the "Danone Nations Cup" : Junior Football World Cup with the sponsorship of Zinedine Zidane.

Pôle emploi enseigne

Pôle Emploi

French institution against unemployment “One week for one job” event report.


Cofely GDF Suez

Various installations report.



Pics for the parisian fashion designer adel*astrée.